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i think this dentist try to scam me…when i was in alabama, they never diagnosed me with the periodontal disease…maybe u need to be careful with this dentist… i wanted do the cleaning only but they tried to take advantage on shame this dentist…instead of cleaning, they tried to convince me to treat my disease…it costs me about 1610….she said only…holy cow..why they try to make money with scam? i think i need to sue the dentist…wasted my money and my time…they charged me 120 for doing nothing…just exam and X-ray..what kind of *** is this? no wonder they weren't any costumer that day...

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Alabama, really?

I have gone to this dentist for years. There are few dentist I would trust and he's one of them. My tip to you, but some floss because it's possible your dentist doesn't recognize periodontal disease.

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You need to find someone who can communicate in the English language and then try again to write this complaint. As it stands now, it is unintelligible.

to nikalseyn #741882

Can u make the better complains for him? Don't be a NATO (No Action Talk Only)

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